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I love art in all shapes and forms. Some I admire for composition and technique, Some art  I  identify with  on a very personal  level with  and some art I am just in awe of. I can appreciate all art on some level.

Art is a very subjective thing. And as an artist I create art for myself  first.

I consider myself a Modern Folk Artist as well as a photographer. I love to use recycled materials as much as possible. I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I can create a piece of art out of found, re-used, discarded and re-purposed Items.

To take something that has been used up and show that it actually has life left in it, is to me, A beautiful thing.

I chose the moniker TheImperfectArtist. For many reasons. First and foremost I see my art as always evolving and and becoming more defined with in it’s scope. I’m not the one who paints portraits or landscapes. Though my art may have some of these elements they are yet different.

I once said to a friend years ago “I’m not perfect? She replied Well I am. She wasn’t being arrogant just honest. She elaborated saying we are all perfect for who and where we are in life, I decided right then and There that I was Perfectly Imperfect.

For me art is not about perfection it is about vision. Sometimes that vision present’s itself in neat packages sometimes not. That is the beauty of Art. It is Perfectly Imperfect because each artist brings their own vision and skill set to what every they do and each artist sees that vision differently.

That is what makes even digital art Perfectly Imperfect. That Vision we have that makes us photograph a picture at a certain moment or use one color on a canvas over another or even choosing one word or phrase in particular to describe what we mean in a story.

So I celebrate art in all it’s forms and this Blog page is here just to do that. I plan to have project instructions and how too by the Every Day Artist and share my Art on this site


TheImperfectArtist (T.I.A.)


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